.MF Kish International Trading Co
.MF Kish International Trading Co
.MF Kish International Trading Co


The two words M and F are very important to us. These words tell our story. The name of the company is derived from the name of a pioneering company in the export of special stones to all parts of the world.
This company started its activity in the middle of 2018 by selling all kinds of building stone slabs from the mine to the consumer. The brilliance of the collection made the MF kish company popular and led to the recognition of several successful stone sales companies in the Middle East. This company is always trying to introduce prestigious Iranian stones to European and American countries and is expanding the range of stone exports from Iran to Europe and America.

Collection Stones


Collection of Marble stones

marbel stone

Collection of Marblet stones


Collection of Granite stones


Collection of Travertine stones

crystal stone

Collection of Crystal Stone

Sample of Stones

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MF Kish International Trading Co. 

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  • Sales Expert 09122099336 (Farhad Bahari)
  • Sales Expert 09123707236 (Alireza Saghafy)

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